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5 Tips Before You Buy Flowers Online

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There are many things to consider when buying flowers online, such as: are the arrangements being made by a local florist? Are they fresh and locally sourced? Are there extra fees I can avoid? Did the florist receive enough information and money to create the quality arrangement that I want? How do I decide what to order? We will walk you through the best strategies for ordering your flowers online””and how to get the most out of your order by directly supporting the local florist.

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1. Where Do I Start?

First, you have to decide what you would like to send. Many florists will have online catalogues of their arrangements, bouquets, dish gardens, etc, right on their website with the correlating item numbers. Some florists will have a way of ordering on their website directly, but you may have to call and give them the item number of your choice.  

Florists are incredibly creative people, and they are there to help you order what you want. Let them know your price range, colour preferences, what specific flowers you would like to include””and they will create something beautiful for you!


2. But I Have No Clue What to Order”¦

Trust your local florist; they are the trained experts, and they create and coordinate flower deliveries as a profession. Whether you need a fresh-cut bouquet, a table arrangement, funeral flowers, bridal bouquets, or a sympathy gift, the florists can give you creative guidance to ensure you get the appropriate lasting flowers for the appropriate occasion.  

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3. How Can I Avoid Extra Costs?

This is an important question because there can be hidden fees when ordering flowers online””and often, this can be avoided. Many conglomerate flower ordering companies (often using 1-800 numbers) will often pop up when searching for a local florist. These are not actual florists. You will order from their website, and they will send your order to a local florist, but they take their own fees and leave the actual florist with less money to make what you ordered. It is always best to contact the local florist directly, either by their website or phone. There are also extra fees when orders are sent from one florist to another, so again, it is always best to do a bit of research and contact the florist that will be filling your delivery. Fresh and local is always better.


4. Why Buy Local?

Find a local florist that has a good reputation and good reviews. You want your flower delivery to be as fresh as possible and know that your flowers are sourced locally. The florist should be creative, reliable, and have an experienced eye for detail. Many florists will also have social media pages, so it can be fun to search the style of their floral creations. Plus, feeding a local economy is always beneficial.  


5. When is a Good Time to Order?

valentines day floral arrangement salisbury at enjoy floral studioIn most cases, the answer is whenever you want or need to order your flowers. However, holidays and special occasions can cause a flower shop to be far busier than normal. This has to be considered when ordering anything specific, unique, or in high demand during busy times. The following occasions will call for as much advance notice as possible:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Weddings

It is also good to provide the florist with a second (and sometimes third) choice around busy times of the year.  

Take advantage of one of the best flower shops in St. Albert! Come visit us at our Floral Studio at Salisbury Enjoy Centre and speak to our expert, creative floral team; they will happily look after all of your flower delivery needs””for every occasion!

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