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About Salisbury Floral Studio

Welcome to Salisbury Floral Studio, where every bloom tells a story!
Flowers being prepped for arrangement | Salisbury Floral Studio - St. Albert

A Blooming Legacy

Our Journey Begins

Welcome to Salisbury Floral Studio, where every bloom tells a story!

Nestled in the heart of St. Albert at the vibrant Enjoy Centre, Salisbury Floral Studio is not just a flower shop; it’s an extension of a dream that bloomed over 50 years ago. Our roots trace back to the humble beginnings of Salisbury Greenhouse in Sherwood Park, Alberta, where Helen and Fred Sproule nurtured their passion for plants in a small garage-side greenhouse. Their vision and hard work blossomed into a family legacy, passed down through generations.

Salisbury Greenhouse's Store Front | Salisbury Floral Studio
Beautiful Yard designed and landscaped by Salisbury Landscaping | Salisbury Floral Studio

Expanding Dreams

From Greenhouse to Floral Artistry

As Salisbury Greenhouse flourished, so did our aspirations. Expanding from bedding plants to cut flowers and retail, we’ve always held onto the essence of our family values. In our journey, we embraced change and innovation. Adam Sproule established Salisbury Landscaping, elevating our brand with award-winning designs and a commitment to beautifying our community.

The Birth of Salisbury Floral Studio

A New Chapter at Enjoy Centre

The acquisition of the Enjoy Centre was a natural progression, bringing Salisbury closer to the St. Albert community. Here, Salisbury Floral Studio was born, a vibrant petal in the Salisbury family flower. We’re more than just a florist; we’re a chapter in a long-standing story of growth, community, and passion for nature.

At Salisbury Floral Studio, we understand the language of flowers. Whether it’s a simple bouquet to brighten someone’s day or elaborate arrangements for special occasions, we pour our heart into every creation. With a team of skilled florists, we bring a touch of nature’s beauty to your doorstep.

Our Floral Services

Crafting Nature's Elegance

Expert Floral Arrangements

From classic to contemporary, our arrangements are crafted with care and creativity.

Delivery Across Edmonton Area

Prompt and reliable, bringing floral elegance right to you.

Special Events and Occasions

Transforming moments into memories with bespoke floral designs.

Retail Store at Enjoy Centre

Visit us to experience the full Salisbury charm, with a variety of plants and gardening accessories.