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Deck the Halls with Fresh Christmas Greenery

Christmas greenery in urns at front door Salisbury floral studio


If you’re looking for a simple way to elevate your Christmas decor this season, give fresh greenery a try! This simple change is sure to elevate your space and add a little extra Christmas magic to the holidays. Retire your plastic garlands and upgrade to elegant boughs that will fill your home with beautiful scents of pine, cedar, and juniper.


What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Fresh Christmas Greenery?

Nothing compares to the smell of fresh pine filling your home for the holiday season. The natural smell and rich colour make it extra special to decorate with, and the weight and drape of natural boughs are aesthetically pleasing. This simple change from fake to real greenery both elevates your decor and makes your space cozy and homey.

The best part? It does not require storage over the summer months! You can condense your Christmas bins and free up some space in your storage room.



Where Can I Use Fresh Greenery?  

Fresh greenery can be used in almost every aspect of your Christmas decor.  Garland draped across the fireplace or tied to a bannister creates long, elegant lines in the home. You can add lights, pinecones, ribbons, or anything else you like to make the garland cohesive with the rest of your decor!



Add a little Dr. Seuss Christmas cheer to your decor by purchasing a traditional Whoville tree from us to add to your mantel, side table, or coffee table. We made them just as Cindy-Lou Who would have liked!

Fresh wreaths are beautiful feature pieces on a wall, above the fireplace, or on your front door. There are so many wreath options that you really can’t go wrong with using fresh greenery, and it will be sure to make a statement and give off a lovely smell as you welcome guests into your home for Christmas.

Of course, you can add greenery to just about anything as a centrepiece. From small sprigs around candles to boughs along a table runner, adding bits of greenery to your decorations will create cohesion amongst your decor and bring that sweet-smelling warmth to every corner!

We are also offering Christmas urns for your porch or balcony! It comes in two sizes and you can choose your colour scheme. For ease, convenience, and professional aesthetic, order yours today!




How Do I Keep My Greenery Fresh?  

To get the longest life out of your fresh Christmas greenery, it’s best to start with the freshest greenery you can find, right here at The Floral Studio. Be picky and choose the best boughs””they’ll be much easier to keep fresh if they’re in great shape when you buy them!  

To make sure your greenery has the longest life possible, whether you purchase one of our arrangements or fresh sprigs for garland, give it a quick spray outdoors with an anti-transpirant spray to slow the water evaporation over time. When placing your greenery, be sure to keep them away from heat sources or air vents, as this will dry them out. Spritz with water every couple of days, and your fresh greenery should last 3-4 weeks!  




What Are the Best Kinds of Greenery for Christmas?  

  • For elegant, draping greenery, cedar and boxwood are the perfect choice and will hold their needles well through the season.  
  • For full, hardy boughs, try juniper (which has berries!) or fir. Their texture and shape create a statement and can make stunning features.
  • Pine, of course, has long needles that are elegant and beautiful, perfect for table runners or wreaths.  
  • For something modern and different, try holly, eucalyptus, or magnolia. You can also mix these in with your traditional evergreen boughs to add a touch of something unique.


Whatever your vision for your Christmas decor is, fresh greenery is sure to add elegance and cosiness to your home. For your holiday decor and fresh greenery needs, visit us at The Floral Studio at Enjoy.  

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